Best Mechanical Mods: The Top 3 Best Mechanical Mods on the Market (My Review)

Since their introduction to the market in 2004 the vaping industry has grown significantly worldwide.Mechanical vape, authentic mechanical mods, high end mechanical mods








A huge breakthrough in the continued innovation of mods (formerly called E-Cigs or E-Cigarettes) were the mechanical mods around 2008.

Now that we are nearing the end of 2016 and temperature control mods or regulated mods control most of the market, mechanical vapes are still a part of the picture and we believe they will always be able to contribute to the industry.

Some veteran vapers still prefer mechanical mods over regulated mods. Some use mech mods for competitions and some vaping competitions only allow mechanical mods for certain events, the point is they have their roots planted deep within the industry.

Mechanical Vapes have very customizable components and are mostly used by advanced vapers, although they’re very easy to understand as long as you do some lite reading on the Ohm’s Law.

The vaping market is very saturated with 100’s and 1000’s of mechanical mods. All of our vape reviews are based around authentic mechanical mods and steer clear of clone mods.

We have compiled a list of our top three choices for the best mechanical mods. Enjoy!


3- Petri Lite Mod BY DOTMODBest Mechanical Vapes: Petri Lite Mod


Best Mech Mods: Petri Lite As the vaping industry grows, style has quickly become a factor when people choose their mod. (It’s a type of fashion statement).

The Petri Lite Mod by DOTMOD made its way on this top 3 list of best mechanical mods sheerly because of style…

With its precision anodized aluminum tube and body, hybrid connection, and fully masked internals (no cleaning, ever) this mechanical mod does not come short of providing one of the hardest hitting vaping experiences…

But since this mech mod made it on the list for its classy style, it would be impossible not to mention…

…the 24k gold-plated threading and accents, the 24k gold-plated copper contacts, the 24k gold plated drip tip and silver-plated beryillum copper spring.


This Mechanical Vape has got to be the classiest mod on the market. Without a doubt! 

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2- Rig V2 Mod by VAMPThe Best Mechanical Mods: Rig Mod V2

The Rig V2 Mod by VAMP makes this list as one of the best mech mods on the market…

…due to its copper hybrid disc, the Flush mount copper button(engraved) with a 4lbs spring and the copper bottom contact.

This Mechanical Mod not only features positive battery ventilation (for safety), a direct battery contact accounting for one of the lowest voltage drops in the industry, but VAMP went all out and reinforced The Rig V2’s button housing to better protect and prepare your mod for impact. (the occasional misfortunate drops, we’re all guilty of it.)

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1- Limitless Set upBest Mechanical Vape Mods: Limitless

Why the Limitless Mechanical Vape is one of the best mechanical mods on the market…

...the limitless mechanical mod outshines most other vapes on the market due to its innovative “smooth button throw” system:

For pristine connection, the mechanism uses a 4 point railing system for proper grounding that eliminates any possibility of the button overheating…ensuring a 100% safe and risk free vaping experience.

Another ingenious feature is the one piece button and contact layout: The button acts as the contact… minimizing the number of parts and threads lowers the voltage drop and provides a truly hard hitting vape. This truly is one of the best mechanical mods out there!

If you’re in the market for a mechanical mod, this one is hands down the best quality one you can get your hands on. ==>GET YOURS HERE



F.A.Q. about mechanical mods.

Q: Are there any dangers of using a mechanical mod?

A: There is a same amount of danger with mechanical mods as any other device using Lithium Ion batteries. The danger isn’t necessarily with the product but with the lack of knowledge of how to use it. When used properly, mechanical mods are completely safe to use.

Here are some quick pro tips on mechanical mod safety.

  • Always make sure that there is a lock for the firing pin/button. In most cases you have component similar to a washer on threads that you twist towards to the button when its fully extended to lock it in place and prevent it from being pushed down even if its in your pocket.
  • Check your mod for air-holes. Blow into your mechanical mod with the batteries both in and out of the chamber. Make sure there is some ventilation to prevent gases from being trapped in the tube/chamber.
  • Make sure your batteries aren’t overcharged or undercharged by checking their volts. Always check coil resistance after you mess with or build a new wick and coil. Be careful not to draw too many amps from your battery, you will have a serious safety issue. Keep an eye on the mod’s temperature during use.

Q: Why choose a mechanical mod?

A: Mechanical mods have the option of building your own coils and customize your coils resistance without any limit. This allows for certain setups to have more vapor and stronger flavors.

Q: What do I need to know about batteries?

A: The batteries in a mod are the most important component for you to understand. This is the part that has potential of being harmful if used improperly. Here are some basic batter safety ideas to help guide you.

  • Always buy quality LI Ion batteries from reputable vendors. (You get what you pay for)
  • Makes certain your mechanical mod is vented properly
  • Don’t keep your batteries in your pocket (loosely)
  • Keep batteries from touching any ends to other metal components (EX. Change in your pocket, paperclips)
  • Do not drain batteries fully as this will shorten their life span